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61 Remote contRoL: 84 coLomBIA:
wind energy company Kingspan explain why the ETEC’s foating pump system adds a new weapon
future’s off-grid but online against fooding and extreme weather events
66 ecUADoR:
what role do oil companies play in cutting
emissions? PETROAMAzONAS EP argues it is part
of the solution
solar power solutions have never been so easy
wind farms have taken a special place in the
hearts of locals, guaranteeing them a cheap and
regular source of power

88 monItoRInG:
accurate, consistent and internationally
comparable data is vital to assessing various
mitigation strategies. Trac Car presents its latest
90 HyDRoGen:
abundant and clean, why are more countries not
investing heavily in this form of energy?

24 BAtteRIeS not IncLUDeD:
NEST outline how their new thermal energy tRAnSPoRt
storage systems can allow most renewable energy
technologies into the market 94 mexIco:
Dina Camiones’ latest Compressed Natural Gas
bus models are setting a trend for other Latin
tecHnoLoGy American countries to follow
96 BRAzIL:
78 cARS: environmentally friendly feet management of cars
automotive parts giant DENSO says its new has never been so important, as Ecofrotas can
designs can improve fuel effciency, cleanse reveal, having cut its pollution by 44%
exhaust emissions and reduce noise
100 mexIco:
80 ABU DHABI: solar salt production sets the pace for other heavy
Date Palms are leading the fght against industries to match
desertifcation, and allowing rural populations
access to new food supplies 102 tRoUBLe In PARADISe:
climate change and tourism
82 AIR PoLLUtIon:
Cristal unveils its latest tool to allow cities to
reduce levels of Nitrous and Sulphur Dioxide

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