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Progress friendly environmental mechanisms in their of sustainable producton systems, including
Agrobanco partcipated in banking operatons and procedures. social and environmental risk management
the World Climate Summit in elements in forestry, livestock breeding and
Lima, COP20, through a series It has signed cooperaton agreements with agriculture credits (good agricultural practces)
specialized internatonal insttutons, such
of actvites of disseminaton, as the French Development Agency for the and fnancing for technical irrigaton machinery
promoton, debate and and energy efcient equipment.
analysis of the green and implementaton of an Environmental and Social
ethical bank concepts, which Risk Analysis System, the Finance Alliance for Internally, on a path leading to involvement
ended with the executon Sustainable Trade, for determining the social of the Bank’s central-level employees in these
new concepts and commitments, with the
and environmental impact indicators that must
of the “Green Protocol” be incorporated into Agrobanco’s procedures, support of a specialized entty, it has measured
launching a series of fnance
and microfnance insttutons. and the German Agency for Internatonal the carbon footprint and prepared Agrobanco’s
Cooperaton, for the technical support from a eco-efciency environmental plan. A step that,
These will be represented specialist to design and implement the Forestry- without a doubt, sets out the path towards
by the Peruvian Banks’ Based Businesses and Agroforestry Department becoming a green bank.
Associaton and Associaton in the Bank.
of Peruvian Microfnance In this process, Agrobanco’s objectve is to
Insttutons through which sustainable development promote sustainable development through
This learning and cooperaton process will
fnancing for producers who comply with good
fnancial enttes in Peru allow Agrobanco to adjust the portolio of agricultural and environmental practces,
undertake to implement
fnancial products towards the implementaton promote the use of clean and renewable
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