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                                                         Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary, UN Framework
                                                         Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

                                                         COP22 this year in Marrakech will not just be a celebration of the
                                                         entry into force of the Paris Agreement in record time where the
                                                         first meeting of the CMA will be held. It will also be the first COP that
                                                         places implementation and action squarely at the centre of attention,
                                                         it will provide governments an opportunity to present a roadmap to
                                                         mobilize the 100 billion dollars in annual support by 2020, to increase
                                                         clarity for adaptation finance and for a mechanism to strengthen
                                                         capacity building.

                                                         We will see initiatives that support the implementation of
                                                         Nationally Determined Contributions and help integrate them into
                                                         each country’s development agenda alongside the Sustainable
                                                         Development Goals also adopted in 2015.

                                                         Marrakech is our opportunity to strengthen the partnerships that
                                                         accelerate the transition towards a low-emissions future and promote
                                                         sustainable development committed to by governments. Finance
                                                         and national policies are central elements to allow delivering on
                                                         these commitments.

                                                         Finance flows should all align with the long-term goal in the Paris
                                                         Agreement. Friends, we know that we must mobilize more than the
                                                         US$100 billion committed to and included in the Paris Agreement, we
                                                         need trillions to truly meet the climate challenge.

                                                         Yes, climate finance must flow and at a faster pace that it currently
                                                         does. But we must also look at energy subsidies, how markets price
                                                         carbon, the value of green investments and potential gains from
                                                         incentivizing nature-based solutions. Central banks, development
                                                         banks, funds and institutional investors need to be involved. Climate
                                                         considerations must be mainstreamed into our global financial

                                                         At the same time, public policies have to incorporate climate change
                                                         goals and create an enabling environment for a global transformation
                                                         of economic and social development. It is not only about
                                                         environmental policy. Energy policy, economic policy, trade policy,
                                                         transportation policy and land use and resource management policy
                                                         should all work in a concerted, coherent manner to enable every
                                                         country to accomplish their Paris Agreement and SDG contribution.
                                                         Strong leadership at the national level is indispensable.

                                                         The Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement envision
                                                         a model of growth and development that is good for people and
                                                         good for the planet. This is an opportunity to improve the wellbeing
                                                         of billions. It is the opportunity to avoid instability and safeguard
                                                         the development gains achieved to date. It is an opportunity to end
                                                         extreme poverty, ensure adequate food and water, protect public
                                                         health, increase equity and empower through education.

                                                         It will require steadfast dedication and I am confident that all of you
                                                         here today are willing to take the next step. We have the mandate.
                                                         We have the momentum. Now is our moment. Let’s work together
                                                         to seize this great opportunity and turn our collective vision into our
                                                         collective reality.

                                                         This is an excerpt from a speech at Chatham House on 10 October.

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