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       a green

       future for

       freight                                                                    By Eric Beckwitt

                                                                                  CEO, Freightera


       Quick implementation of existing technologies
       can reduce GHG emissions 50-80%, with near zero
       emission freight transport possible longer term.

       Global freight transport currently produces 10% of greenhouse gas   ship emissions predicted to be about 10% more than all land based
       (GHG) emissions, up to 50% of the toxic diesel particulate matter   emissions by 2020 and 40% more by 2030.
       (PM) emissions and 45% of nitrous oxides (NOx). Heavy trucks emit
       57% of all logistics related GHG. Without change, emissions from   Immediate global implementation of scrubber technology, as
       freight transport are predicted to increase 290% by 2050.   mandated now for select zones in European and US waters,
                                                            can immediately reduce NOx and SOx emissions from maritime
       Quick wins                                           transport by over 90%. Additionally, operational measures and
       Maritime Transport: reducing NOx/SOx 90% and CO2 75%  existing technologies, if broadly applied, could reduce ship energy
                                                            consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 75%.
       Emissions from cargo ships are 3% of total GHG today, and
       increasing. Without change shipping may produce 6% of the   Link2Rail: Immediate 60% emission reduction for long haul freight
       world’s GHG emission by 2020 and 15% by 2050. Shipping is also
       the most rapidly growing source of NOx and SOx globally, with   Rail is the most efficient option for long haul freight, reducing CO2

        Black Magic, a 4,000-ton Solar Hybrid Vessel, reduces GHG emissions by 75 to 100% using Sun, Wind & Waves. Photo courtesy Sauter Carbon Offset Design.

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