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the Yves rocher


The Yves Rocher Foundaton frmly believes that individuals can change the world. Its role is to support biodiversity
by assistng women who have created actve communites and who are dedicated to this cause; by plantng trees
– which are symbolic of setng down roots – around the world; by preserving plant species, which are unique and
important for everyone; and by capturing moments in tme through the enlightening vision of photographers.

The Yves Rocher Foundaton – Insttut de France individuals can change the world and take care
was born more than 20 years ago from a family’s of environmental and biodiversity issues, which the Yves roCher
desire to give back to the plant world part of are essental for our future, and ofen ignored or Foundation
what we owe it. Since the beginning in the neglected. 4 sustainable programmes
contemporary village of La Gacilly in France, to since 1991
now throughout the world, its vocaton is to take The role of the Yves Rocher Foundaton
acton to leave a positve footprint on the planet. is precisely to focus and take actons for 325 women rewarded in
biodiversity. It chose to do so through four
The Yves Rocher Foundaton frmly believes that the past 14 years with a
sustainable programmes: by supportng total sum of 1.6 million
50 million trees planted
in 27 countries by 2015
and a target of 100 million
trees by 2020
22 years of support for
botanical expertse
11 years of support for
the biggest open-air
photography festval in

commited women who create
actve communites; by plantng
trees, symbolic of deep roots,
here and elsewhere; by
preserving unique plant species
that are vital to all of us; by
suspending tme, thanks to the
keen eye of photographers.
The 325 winners of the Women
of the Earth Awards, the
commitment of 100 million
Photo: © Pierre de Vallombreuse trees to be planted by 2020, 37
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