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a Foundation CoMMitted
to the environMent and
suPPorted bY the institut
de FranCe
Since 2001, the Insttut de
France has supported the Yves
Rocher Foundaton, which
carries out nature protecton
actvites and therefore fts
in perfectly with its original
insttuton whose vocaton is
to work for the good of the
greater whole.
The Yves Rocher Foundaton
and the Yves rocher brand
share the same commitment,
respect and love for nature.

the Yves rocher brand has
been the leading moral,
technical and fnancial
supporter of the Yves rocher
Foundaton for 20 years.

Photo: © Pierre de Vallombreuse

the 50 countries in which these actons are commited to plantng more than 3 million
implemented and the hundreds of thousands of trees in Mexico via the Plant for the Planet
supporters are more than results; they are calls to programme. This acton is crucial for the
contnue, to dream and to share. billions of monarch buterfies that come to this
biosphere reserve, listed by UNESCO, during
15 Million trees planted in ethiopia changed the winter.
the ecosystems enabling the return of water
sources support of Peggy Pascal’s project, who won the
In Ethiopia, the Yves Rocher Foundaton Terre de Femmes Award in 2013
supports Green Ethiopia in protectng water Peggy developed the garden in a sack concept
resources. In the absence of any forest cover, in the slums of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya,
Ethiopian soils swept along by rare but violent in 2008 while working for the NGO Solidarités
rains are incapable of retaining water. However, Internatonal. To date, the NGO has identfed
water is the only guarantee for food agriculture nearly 240,000 bags in the Kenyan capital’s Photo: © Eric Sampers
which currently supports 85% of the Ethiopian fve slums.
populaton. For this reason, it is essental to “Together, to leave a positve
replant trees that will allow with their roots to footprint.”
stabilize the soil and to retain water.
Jacques ROCHER
Preservaton of the Monarch buterfy in Mexico, Tree Planter and Honorary President
hand in hand with the WWF Mexico ngo of the Yves Rocher Foundaton -
Since 2009, the Yves Rocher Foundaton has
Insttut de France

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