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green Living

thiNk space: thiNk

sustaiNable desigN

aNd architecture

by Juan Carlos baumgartner

The issue of how to convert human groups in sustainable societes has ceased to be a romantc noton. Today it
is a requirement for anyone who aspires to have a viable future.

In virtually all man’s actvites, the issue of Since its incepton, this frm has been commited The intenton was to generate
sustainability is changing the vision of how we to the environment and to sustainable a project with certfcaton to
do what we do. Architecture is no excepton. architecture. It has carried out sustainable demonstrate the viability of its
projects with LEED Certfcaton (Leadership use in Mexico’s market with
Today, buildings are responsible for 12% of the in Energy and Environmental Design), an
use of all the water on the planet, for 39% of internatonal certfcaton responsible for the not necessarily higher cost or
CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, for 65% validaton and endorsement of architecture more tme to carry out.
of the waste generated in the world and for Green aesthetc
70% of electricity consumpton. Despite these projects that comply with higher standards and The conceptual approach
sustainable practces, both in the United States
alarming fgures, those who lecture, build and and in Mexico. of the project Grupo CP
market architecture have done litle to correct headquarters was simple and
and stop the damage that the built spaces do to To demonstrate we could achieve this, we set complex at the same tme.
the planet. ourselves a challenge. It was not an easy one. It was not possible for us to

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