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The energy produced is utlised for lightng up The constructon began in September 2015 Cites have a major
their work space and people can potentally with an expected completon date in April 2016. commitment to breaking
enjoy a radical change in lifestyle. These kind of It will process 3 tons of cactus waste per day, the negatve paradigms
“litle actons” sensitze people on the infuence which means reducing 113.5 tCO e of GHG every associated with waste
of their eforts and how it translates into global year, without considering the fossil fuel that is management, transforming
benefts, encouraging greater partcipaton. no longer needed in the collecton network. The them into raw material for
program started with face-to-face conversatons productve actvites, and
Use of waste on site as a value added material with all the people that give life to the market giving direct benefts to the
requires social partcipaton of high impact
and infrastructure investment that efciently (tender cactus producers and suppliers, populaton, embellishing
public places and reducing
consumers, workers) with uplifing results.
supports the diferent actvites involved in environmental impact.
waste management: separaton, collecton and In forthcoming months communicaton actvites
disposal. will be more forceful, including an urban art SUEMA is socially engaged in
contest, which are directed for the appropriaton promotng the efcient use of
Technology and social partcipaton in waste of the technology by the people. This project resource. Our initatves are
The frst example of this initatve in Mexico is the result of SUEMA’s engineering work driven to help government
is the waste-to-energy project that SUEMA is and investment, the support of the Ministry and companies improve
implementng at the Centro de Acopio Nopal- of Science, Technology and Innovaton of their services and equipment
Verdura (Distributon Centre for edible tender Mexico City (Secretaría de Ciencia, Tecnología for decoupling (fossil fuel
e Innovación del Distrito Federal, SECITI, in efciency) and decarbonizing
This market is the most important distributor Spanish) that funds part of the investment, and (fossil fuel trade-of) their
of tender cactus natonwide, which is a basic the municipality authority of Milpa Alta that growth towards a sustainable
food in Mexican nutriton. It is located in the embrace the project, and civil society. development.
southwest area of Mexico City, which is a region The next step is to replicate and scale this
considered poor.
concept into other markets and other major
As part of an awareness strategy a waste contributors. These response mechanisms
communicaton campaign has been developed, can foster resilience of urban areas, through
including both face-to-face and massive actvites. promotng zoning efciency, without requiring
The campaign’s main objectve is to sensitze big extensions of land for constructng landflls;
people on the importance of partcipatng in avoiding soil and water contaminaton due to
waste separaton and adopton of technologies leachates; reducing GHG emission, Black Carbon,
on renewable energy in a daily setng. and Short-Lived Climate Pollutants.

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