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Farmers in Lesotho are using the last reserves of energy in their
                                            starved cattle to plough fields, in the hope that the long-delayed
                                            rains do come. They haven’t and a third year of drought beckons.
                                            That puts 700,000 people in danger of starvation by early 2017.
                                            Lesotho gets around R700 million a year (US$51m) from selling
                                            that water; 10% of government revenue. The government says
                                            the money has meant new schools, roads and electricity in
                                            previously cut-off communities. Turbines in the system generate
                                            75-megawatts of capacity, almost enough to power the whole
                                            country. But people in Katse say they have seen little benefit from
                                            selling their water. Rain last fell in any volume in 2013. The worst
                                            drought in living memory has ensued, wiping out two season’s
                                            worth of crops.

                                            Climate Home’s reports from the front line of climate change are
                                            funded by CDKN

                                                                                           All photos: © Delwyn Verasamy
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