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           emissions by over 60% vs road. These gains are realized even when   Multiple companies, including EcoMarine Power and Dykstra Naval
           rail is diesel powered, and can be further increased by upgrading   Architects are developing hybrid electric cargo ships that use rigid,
           locomotives to low emission engines. Intermodal freight shipping,   rotating sails and solar panels. Vindskip uses the hull as a sail. These
           truck pick up, rail for long haul, and truck delivery, offers the lowest   hybrid vessels use electric power in port, and electric, wind and
           emission, and frequently lowest cost overland option.   LNG/CNG engines at sea, reducing CO2 emissions up to 60%, and
                                                                cutting SOx and NOx emissions over 90%.
           Go Green: Allow shippers to select lowest emission options
                                                                Zero emission locomotives: sustainable electric and hydrogen
           Freightera, cooperating with the Canadian government and existing   hybrid rail
           emission reduction programs, will shortly allow freight shippers to
           compare carriers by total GHG emissions, and automatically display   Wind, solar and hydro powered electric rail provide the best
           and select the lowest emission option. Carriers that use rail for long-  solution for zero emission long haul transport. Canadian and US
           haul, low emission vehicles for last mile delivery, and the full suite of   rail, currently almost exclusively diesel powered, can be converted
           emissions reduction technology available today for diesel engines,   to sustainable electric and hydrogen hybrid locomotives. Shifting
           can have emissions 40-66% lower than others. Frequently the lowest   long-haul freight from road to rail will eliminate emissions from
           emission option is also the least cost.              both empty trucks and diesel engines. Combined with last mile
                                                                pickup and delivery by sustainable electric trucks, electric rail can
           Last mile trucking: Low and zero emission already available  provide zero emission transport.

           The Freightliner Business Class M2 Hybrid, Workhorse Zero   Zero emission road transport
           Emission and Siemens Hybrid Drive and multiple CNG/LNG
           powered truck engines are available now for municipal pickup   Wind, solar and hydro powered electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel
           and delivery of freight.                             cell powered hybrids, offer the best long-term solution for those
                                                                regions and communities that will never be accessible by rail or
           Long-term solutions                                  water. By 2030 all freight should be hauled by such zero emission
           Hybrid electric/wind: green future of ocean transport  vehicles, 100% renewable powered.

                                                                Freightera is an award winning online
                                                                marketplace on a mission to automate freight
                                                                shipping, increase efficiency and operating
                                                                margins for shippers and carriers. Freightera is
                                                                creating partnerships and systems and promoting
                                                                new technologies that allow business to find the
                                                                lowest emission transportation options.

                                                                For more information, see

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