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nature and

industry in Photo: © Julien Harneis.

the congo

Ngoyi Ngoyi is a mining company that strives to work for environmental equilibrium

We are blessed to be based in the Congo Basin, home to the Earth’s second lung after We must cooperate and develop partnerships to ensure
the Amazon, the Congolese rainforest. industry in the developing world is better equipped with
tools and knowledge, to ensure they can preserve local
We strive to defend the environment and encourage economic policies that enable the environments.
country to develop in a sustainable way.
At Ngoyi Ngoyi we aim to enlarge our small scale mines
No nation is immune to global warming. It will affect every heartbeat, in invisible and but in an environmentally friendly manner.
visible ways from north to south, east to west.
And we plan to take our message out of the country,
Many say there is nothing more to be done – but we say it is time to take positives from through flm and music productions to ensure everyone
painful experiences and help our plant before it is too late. develops their green conscience.

We want to deliver an environment to future generations that they can thrive in, not one Ngoyi Ngoyi
that could turn into a bomb, destroying their hopes and dreams.

Unbridled capitalism and our obsession with materialism is taking us away from our
vision, but without respecting the laws of equilibrium humans cannot survive.
We are proud to have the opportunity to take our message to the UN climate summit in
Warsaw this year, and we have message to all the industries taking part.

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