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Wide range of pre-fabricated, re-deployable buildings.

W.Giertsen HallSystem AS has been a leading supplier of halls for use in industrial, leisure, peacekeeping and
emergency relief operations since 1967.

We cover the world


“We have delivered and mounted relocatable rubb halls all
over the world, from the frigid Svalbard in the Arctic Circle
to the burning heat and windy shores of Namibia. From
equator at the Horn of Africa to the altitude in Chile and to
the monsoon in the South Pacific.”

W. Giertsen Hallsystem manufacture a wide range of
standard, pre-fabricated, re-deployable buildings which GIERTSEN INTEGRATED
are used for a number of purposes including port and
industrial warehousing, aircraft storage and maintenance, SOLAR POWER
and sports and recreational events.
GISP is a plug and play solution, based on
state of the art components to ensure
sustainable energy and limited maintenance.
The green electrical power eliminates the
carbon footprint.
In addition, we have extensive experience providing
rapid-deployment buildings and shelters for emergency The payback time for investing in GISP is
relief operations to customers’ demanding high standards influenced by various parameters as diesel
of safe and secure delivery. cost, life span of diesel generators, logistic
programs, maintenance, spare parts, security
W. Giertsen HallSystem AS | Nygårdsviken 1 transport and miscellaneous.
N-5165 Laksevåg - Bergen, Norway
Tel: (+47) 55 94 30 40 | E-mail:

Business Developing Manager Africa, Aid&Relief / Export Area Sales Manager, Aid&Relief
Mob: +47 90 89 22 07 Mob: +47 46 84 38 18
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