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Pak Oasis is a solutions-
driven, multinational water
company, which specializes
in water fltration and
sanitation treatment
systems across the globe.

Pak Oasis is investing in solar solutions to power our plants (Photo: © Pak Oasis)

ever solar-powered desalination plant (based on reverse
osmosis technology) a few months later. Both of these We’re investing in hybrid power techniques to flter water (Photo: © Pak Oasis)
plants were the frst of their kind in Pakistan.

With the successful completion of both, Pak Oasis is
now in the process of converting or building over 700
Ultrafltration and Reverse Osmosis plants which will
operate either entirely on solar power, or on a hybrid
system powered during the day by solar energy and
alternative sources at night.

At Pak Oasis we are immensely proud of the innovative
solutions we have achieved at the nexus of the water
and renewable energy industries. The energy savings
achieved in these projects are immense, while the
reduction in carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere
will run in to the hundreds of thousands of tons.
As important, however, is the number of people who
now have access to reliable and safe drinking water –
to their most basic of human rights – and that this has
been achieved without sacrifcing our planet’s and their
children’s future.

Pak Oasis We’re powering our fltering plants by renewables (Photo: © Pak Oasis)

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