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referring to 2020 objectives with the direct involvement
The Italian region of Abruzzo lies in central Italy, 50 miles east of every single citizen.
of Rome. It has pioneered the development of clean renewable Abruzzo Region population amounts to 1.34M. The
sources such as wind, solar, biomass and hydrogen territory includes 36% of Protected Areas: three National
Parks, one Regional Park, fourteen National Environment
The Covenant of Mayors is a voluntary initiative, launched in January 2008 by the Reserves and seventeen Regional Environment
European Commission. The European cities that have chosen to join undertook to Reserves.
prepare a Plan of Action to reduce their emissions of CO2 by 20% by 2020, through The Covenant of Mayors has produced extraordinary
policies and local projects that increase the use of renewable energy sources. results to date in Abruzzo:
As previously stated by the President of the European Commission José Manuel • All 305 municipalities in the region implemented
Barroso, we should not underestimate “the leading role of cities and regions in concrete actions of the Covenant of Mayors actively
transforming the political agenda for the climate into action”. The Covenant of Mayors involving their technical facilities and the population,
appears therefore as a major initiative that is based on the sharing of experiences implementing also IBE and SEAP;
and the ability to pool resources and make investments that have a tangible impact • About 700 actions carried out throughout the region,
on people’s lives. Here comes the need for a bottom up strategy, from individuals focusing on a priority basis the energy effciency
and individual communities to achieve a strong, practical impact in the fght against measures on schools;
climate change.
• More than 700 energy effciency actions carried out in
On May 4th 2010 in Brussels, Abruzzo Region joined the Covenant of Mayors as the schools of the region;
“Supporting Structure” for the promotion, support and development of the production • All schools are involved in a multi-year activity, through
of energy from renewable sources, energy saving and sustainable mobility, in line with Energiochi Project, teaching to students energy
the policy objectives of the European Commission. effciency and RES actions;
Abruzzo is an outstanding example at European level for exploiting the • The entire population was informed on issues on
correspondence between the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors and those of sustainability thanks to the Covenant of Mayors.
POR-FESR 2007/2013, Axis II “Energy” putting at the disposal of local authorities a
budget of approximately € 35 million for the implementation of the measures provided The major activities of Abruzzo Region in the context
for in the Covenant of Mayors through the energy effciency of public buildings (mainly of the Covenant of Mayors has been recognized as
schools) and the production of energy from renewable sources. European BEST PRACTICE with prestigious awards, at
national and international level.
The immediate activation of a Control Room with the participation of Regions,
Provinces and ANCI has made it possible to regulate the start of the program as In addition to the positive results at European level,
well as ways and times for both the provision of resources for the implementation Abruzzo’s achievements have been recognised at the last
of interventions. This way municipalities have the main role of agents of change. two UN climate conferences in Durban and Doha, and
Every mayor can directly plan interventions in the energy sector at the municipal level also through its membership of FEDARENE and AER.
Regione Abruzzo

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