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Sustainable Rural Life
SCM is a Mexican company. For more than 20 years, we have One of our main projects is “Sustainable Rural Life”.
been the number one distribution courier service. We also aim This project was made in alliance with the “Mexican
to be the country’s most sustainable company Fund for the Nature’s Conservation”.

About 450 collaborators, in addition with their families
A high percentage of our staff come from poor backgrounds. and some communities where this foundation gives help,
That forces them to live in vulnerable circumstances where academic training is rare, are beneftting with this program that uses technologies
as is developing an opportunity to improve their quality of life. like conservation wood-burning stoves, solar cookers
and heaters.
This is why all our actions tend to focus on social responsibility. We aim to give our
staff the necessary tools and the opportunity to improve not only in their personal but We have chosen to work in four different states:
also their professional and family lives. Veracruz, Puebla, Tlaxcala y Querétaro.
We strongly believe that if we manage to improve our staff’s quality of life, then, they These states have the characteristics needed to
will be able to be agents of change, who can make a positive impact within their implement the program. They are rural areas, they use
communities and Mexico. frewood and they are in a state of risk for being on low
socioeconomics conditions.

SCM is a 100% Mexican company founded
on September 3, 1992.
It specialises in the mass distribution of
corporate documents and packages.
Deliveries made possible by 3000
employees, of which 75% are part of the
distribution process.

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