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In these fve years of existence in Red Colombia
Verde businesses have substantially developed.
Fair trade is being conducted through our
‘virtual’ organic shop “Colombia Verde” [www.] and physically in
different regions of the country, which accompany
consumer sensitivity by promoting conventional
and virtual campaigns. This encourages the
purchase and use of our organic products, such
as ”Ecologízate” campaign, “feed on life,” “eat

We also manage social commitment seeking
to strengthen the organizations. Years of civil
resistance, battles for ethnic rights, and the
protection of traditional knowledge have not been
rewarded. Now we can offer a different option, a
way of life that allows people “to cultivate the earth
to live with dignity.”

Finally, Red Colombia Verde and associated
organizations have contributed to mitigate the
effects of global climate change. We have worked
to strengthen good agriculture practices in the
different regions of the country, through the
application of cleaner production practices and
avoiding the emission of signifcant amounts
of thermo-active gasses. Our commitment will
continue these strategies to reduce the global
problem that causes a justifed concern to the
international community.

Red Colombia Verde

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