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sustainability helps cement it into the organization as a socially accepted, valued, and
desired mindset. New, more developed social media platforms make it even easier to
keep employees connected to their peers and to the sustainability effort.

Beyond the Workplace
A 2013 study by Gibbs and Soell, a U.S. consulting frm, found that 73 percent of adults
who participated in sustainability programs at work were more likely to make sustainable
choices at home. Both Photos: © Rob Deutscher.

Making the Connection - Behavioral Science
Infusing corporate sustainability training programs with a bit of behavioral science is the
key to making sustainability sustainable. Employees need to know what sustainability
means to the organization and why it’s important. How does it impact their lives, their
jobs, and how can they contribute? What is important to employees, and how does that
link to opportunities for improvements within the organization?

There is power in education and awareness that can transform how we live our lives
and run our businesses, for the good of our planet, our health, and our economy. The
workplace is the place to begin planting the seeds for an impactful shift in behavior.

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