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security Corporation TSM Group is the leader

of the Ukrainian market in the area
of fre protection, hi-tech engineering
and security systems developing,
designing and manufacturing. One of the
Ukrainian security company TSM Group explains how Corporation’s priorities is the production
ecologically and environmentally policies are now at the heart of physical security systems which are
of its work practices exported to 33 countries.

One of the key activities of the Corporation is developing and manufacturing security Resource use
systems. STERN allows companies and power plant supervisors
to control the movement of personnel and vehicles via
These include turnstiles, electronic access control, road blocking systems and anti- gates, turnstiles and offce doors. Data gathered through
ramming devices. The advantages of these systems have surprising secondary this system can generate valuable information and
benefts in improving key environmental issues. ensure energy is used in an effective way.
For 20 years we have installed our products in public and industrial facilities across If a company knows when a room is occupied, it can
Europe, Asia and Africa. In particular, our turnstiles are installed at a nuclear power control the lighting, heating and air conditioning. This
plants which are environmentally sensitive and need special ecological protection. can bring great results in resources effciency on a global
For more than 10 years our barriers have successfully controlled the movement of scale.
personnel and visitors as well as ecologically sensitive and unsafe nuclear materials at The integration of access control system with the whole
the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant – the largest such plant in Europe. building management offers many opportunities for
Nuclear safety people to use energy more wisely. This allows us to turn
Our company’s developments in access control and physical protection are important on or off lightning and equipment much easier and to
elements of complex nuclear power plant safety. They meet the latest requirements of understand when the energy is really needed.
the IAEA and local ecological authorities. What was done before with more efforts, with STERN
The penetration of unauthorized persons and vehicles may have dramatic now can be done by just a few clicks. Due to our special
consequences and could lead to ecological disaster. Therefore, the physical protection modes, it is possible to save up to 75%of energy
of nuclear power plants is the frst and the main obstacle against any attacker. consumption.
Electronic systems are another integral part of barriers we help provide. That’s why Paperless offces
our company has developed an integrated security system called STERN. At the frst All the components are made of environmentally-neutral
glance, access control is not related to the “green technology” and do not care for the materials.
environment. Our access control system operates using almost any

But in fact, individual components and the entire system are making a signifcant card readers. This avoids the extra cost and scrapping
contribution to the economy of natural resources and efforts to prevent climate change. readers. It also allows us to combine various systems
into one, reducing the number of different cards.
STERN makes possible to track electronically time and
attendance at work. Through this, we can forget about
paper time cards.
No paper is needed, saving trees. It is important that
all of our systems are designed on the principle of
interchangeability. This way we ensure there is no
need to throw out and utilize the whole systems or a
signifcant number of their parts.
At TSM we believe that physical security, high-end
electronic access control systems,
the functionality that they offer, and
the effective implementation of these
systems can help business hit a new
level in the feld of environmental
TSM Group
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