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walkiNg the talk:

it’s time to back

climate actioN

with cash

The oil industry must not only focus on oil producton but also in implementng economically viable processes to
enable a transformaton from “waste” such as gas that is being fared to clean marketable products.

To cement a place in a world that demands objectves and (non) binding agreements (the voices of the hands-on
sustainable long term solutons oil companies without paving the way for funding, local people are usually absent at
are facing the challenge of evolving from simply competence and other essentals. Concrete high-level meetngs, ii) in a
producing oil to becoming energy companies project funding is the only way to provide cash restricted market “energy
focused on creatng ‘win-win’ scenarios for the deliverables and potental game changers efciency” is most ofen not
all stakeholders. Gone are the days when a required to meet global objectves and high on the pecking order
“marketng makeup and facelif” could pave the commitments. of an oil company (energy
way for “business as usual” simply presented in efciency requires long term
diferent packages. Unfortunately the gap between policy makers
and people who actually can get things done is “out of the box” thinking)
More and more one perceives that policy widening in part due to: i) policy makers and the and iii) some decision makers
and decision makers on a world stage lay out “hands-on” people speaking diferent languages within oil companies perceive

Power Generaton Plant, Central Producton Facilites CPF, Block 15.

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