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GWh and qualifes as grid-size storage. An up the possibility to deliver high temperature everyone accept that to avoid
illustraton of a 730 MWhth storage is shown in process steam to industries on a contnuous severe climatc changes and
Figure 1. basis, generated by variable renewable energy. to save the environment
bold new measures on a
Applicatons EnergyNest’s TES soluton may be applied to a
The ideal setng for use of the storage is number of critcal utlity applicatons beyond very broad scale must be
taken. This means politcal
when the energy source is thermal, such as for power producton. One such applicaton is the decisions, beter framework
concentrated solar power or a conventonal use of renewable energy sources, for example and stmulaton of the green
thermal power plant; the energy loss during a CSP, for the producton of potable water from economy, incentvizing new
storage cycle is then almost negligible. Another salty or polluted water. During desalinaton, heat environmentally friendly
direct thermal applicaton is adding storage is used to vaporize seawater pumped from the technologies, as well as
to waste heat recovery (WHR) systems; this is ocean to create clean drinking water, thereby daily choices to be made by
applicable for a range of industrial processes. providing security of delivery and access to each and every one of us.
With storage, WHR systems can produce healthy water on a large scale around the clock. During recent years there
electricity on-demand. The technology is also Pilot storage has been strong growth of
suitable for direct electric input when connected “green technologies” and
to the power grid. This is especially interestng EnergyNest recently completed a “frst of its kind” “green economy” simply
in areas with high penetraton of variable 1MWhth prototype TES at the solar research because this is what we
renewable electricity sources such as wind and -hub in Masdar city in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The TES must do to head towards a
is connected to Masdar Insttute’s solar thermal
solar photovoltaics (PV). In this case the storage energy collecton system, also referred to as a more sustainable society.
does not necessarily have to be co-located We believe energy storage
with the power plant, but rather strategically “Beam Down” system. Although EnergyNest’s will play an increasingly
placed where it adds the most value to the grid. storage is relatvely small and has been built important role as a key
Conversion from electricity to heat in a heat primarily for research and demonstraton component in a greener and
purposes, it is fully capable of emulatng the
transfer fuid is simple and efectve whereas operatons and performance of a full size storage more reliable energy supply
the efciency of regeneraton of electricity via system and as an integral
steam turbine generators is bound by the limits system. The pilot TES at Masdar is heavily component in providing heat
of thermodynamics. However, very high overall instrumented and monitored, and is currently for industrial processes and
energy efciency may be obtained by use of the undergoing extensive testng and comparison to for homes. High temperature
numerical simulatons of performance leading to
waste heat from the steam cycle for moderate full verifcaton of the technology. thermal heat storages can
temperature applicatons such as seawater be built anywhere, use
desalinaton or district heatng, in a combined environmental impact and green economy environmentally friendly
heat and power mode. The storage also opens The great challenge ahead is clearly to make
materials, and are fully
scalable to any need; this
means that a new and
important soluton towards a
greener society now is ready
to be implemented on a broad

Figure 3: Beam-down tower at Masdar
Insttute, and EnergyNest thermal energy
storage pilot. 87
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