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                               would reduce energy consumption by a massive 53%.   Walking the talk
                               Intelligent lighting for smart buildings and smart   Shared conviction is a necessary condition for
                               cities can further boost those savings by up to 80%. So   change. By walking the talk – in our own business,
                               connected LED lighting is a form of energy efficiency   and through our offer to customers – we believe it is
                               that pays for itself in cost savings.      possible to build consensus on how to achieve low
                                                                          carbon growth. So what exactly have we promised?
                               Bluntly stated, we can no longer afford the status   And with hindsight, what have we delivered to date?
                               quo. Faster renovation of existing infrastructure is
                               long and urgently overdue. In September 2016, at   Ten years ago, Philips called for a global ban on
                               Climate Week, New York City, Philips Lighting issued a   incandescent lamps – the product on which today’s
                               joint call to action with The Climate Group and World   global technology company was founded. In
                               Green Building Council. To boost energy efficiency in   December 2006, these bulbs accounted for two-thirds
                               buildings we urged business and governments alike to   of our sales volume in a global market that was stable
                               adopt new targets for the private and public sector:  at 12bn units per year. Today, the logic of switching
                               •   All new buildings to be LED or equivalent energy-  from incandescent to energy-efficient LED is widely
                                 efficient lighting by 2020               accepted. By end-2016, the global incandescent lamp
                               •  All street lighting to be LED or equivalent by 2025  market is forecast to at just 4bn units, a two-thirds
                               •   All corporate buildings to be LED or equivalent by   (and ongoing) decline in just a decade.

                                                                Spanish landmarks sparkle with cloud-based Philips connected lighting systems.

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