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                                                                                            Light as a Service - Around the clock

                       On financing we essentially need to leverage the
                       lower cost over lifetime of the building to take
                       away the renovation budget hurdle. It is amazing
                       to hear from cities and companies that they have
                       projects but no money, and from banks that they
                       have money but no projects. In other words, if
                       we want to finance change, we need to change

                       Here we are greatly helped by the fact that LED
                       lighting is getting smarter and connected, as it
                       allows us to move to new business models. Instead
                       of invoicing boxes with lamps, we can now lease
                       lighting as a service in larger projects. I believe
                       LED lighting is just one part of the broad transition
                       to more circular, more economical business models.

                         In this sense, energy efficiency is not just our
                       business; it is everybody’s business. A transition to
                       LED would save some Euro 272 billion in energy
                       costs, equivalent to a reduction of 1,400 megatons
                       in carbon emissions or shutting down 1,250 power
                       plants. At household level, energy bills would fall
                       by one-third. This is possible now. A new world
                       order of low carbon growth. An opportunity – for      Philips LED horticultural lighting and LED software enables
                       people and planet – that we cannot afford to miss.        growers to change light recipes to suit different crops.

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