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       By 2019, Agrobanco’s green portfolio will increase to nearly 26%
       of its total lending.

       Peru has 28 of the 32 existing climate types in the world. After Bangladesh and Honduras, it
       is the third most vulnerable country to climate change, suffering the effects of the increasing   A committed Chairman
       amounts of Greenhouse Gases (GHG).                                          of the Board

       Change of land use from forest to agriculture and intensive shifting cultivation, which   Mr. Richard Hale,
       includes the livestock sector, are responsible for more than 60% of GHG emissions in Peru.
                                                                                   Agrobanco’s Chairman of
                                                                                   the Board, is a convinced
       Reduction of GHG emissions in agriculture, forestry and other land use are essential parts in
       the world’s fight against climate change.                                   promoter of the bank’s
                                                                                   transformation into a
       Peru is committed to this global goal and is adopting domestic policies accordingly.   Green Bank, using a mid-
                                                                                   and long-term approach.
       In that sense, Agrobanco, as a development bank focused on the agricultural sector, plays a
       crucial role facing this challenge.                                         “One of our goals for
                                                                                   Agrobanco is to be a pillar
       In 2013, Agrobanco initiated the process of becoming a Green Bank through financial   of the green economy
       and operative activities, using mechanisms aimed at protecting the environment, while
       strengthening business efficiency with a sustainable entrepreneurial approach.  in Peru. Agrobanco is
                                                                                   becoming a model, going
       The financial process integrates social and environmental aspects through the efficient use   well beyond its traditional
       of our resources (water, energy, paper), good practices and the implementation of green   role”.
       technologies, incorporating the concept of Climate-Smart Agriculture, on its way to achieve
       sustainable development.

       The impact of Agrobanco’s work is based on:
       •     Reducing credit risk by increasing the producers’ productivity.
       •     Accessing better funding conditions from multinational institutions.
       •     Creating new markets and business opportunities for producers.
       •     Minimizing environmental and social conflicts.
       •     Better positioning among public interest groups to stress the importance of Social
       •   Eco-efficient practices.

       Agrobanco endorses the Peruvian state’s commitment to comply with its Intended Nationally
       Determined Contribution (INDC), a response created to manage climate change at a global   Richard Hale, Chairman, Agrobanco
       level, and which sets forward a series of long term mitigation and adaptation goals.

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