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       why marine


       offers a                                                         


       to climate


       University of South Australia start-up, Baleen Filters,
       are peer recognised experts in liquid/solid recovery and
       water re-use across industry, with some 200 installations
       operating across Oceania since 1999. The company
       pioneers best practice in wastewater infrastructure and
       seeks collaboration for technology transfer internationally.

       To counteract climate change we need to understand that the Earth, the biosphere   “Visualise a future in which
       which sustains us, is an ecosystem of which we form part. And, to avoid environmental
       catastrophe we must alleviate pollution and revitalise the ecological processes that   the Earth’s natural cycles
       sustain life.                                                               and urban economies
                                                                                   co-exist. Marine outfalls
       Water is foremost to any ecosystem. Water cycles through the atmosphere, soil, rivers,   transformed into Sewer
       lakes and oceans distributing nutrients to support life. This cycle involves exchange   Mining facilities with
       of energy, which leads to temperature changes, contributing energy flow. These heat
       exchanges influence climate. Consequently, water has a profound influence on climate.  micro-plastics and non-
                                                                                   biodegradables recovered
       The ocean is Earth’s largest supporting ecosystem, home to the most abundant life   (as recyclables) separate
       on Earth, but has long suffered as a consequence of industry and growing coastal   from energy-rich ‘waste’
       populations. The ocean is also the largest carbon sink, absorbing 90% of global warming   (for carbon- negative fuel)
       and 30% of all carbon emissions (WMO GAW 2014) but its own ecosystems are collapsing
       as a consequence of pollution.                                              and nutrient-laden ‘water’
                                                                                   reclaimed for irrigation.”
       Humanity has dominion over Earth’s ecosystems and can preserve essential dynamics in   Yuri Obst, Founder and CEO
       two practical ways. The first is through mitigation of pollution and the second is through   of Baleen
       reconciliation of natural water cycles.
       Waste water disposal poses a direct influence on the water cycle. It is a ‘waste’ stream   and contact yuri@baleen.
       typically 99.9 to 99.99% in water content and if managed more wisely would end marine   com for partnership
       pollution and benefit natural water cycles indefinitely. Reclamation of ‘WasteWater’   opportunities.
       for irrigation revitalises a plethora of ecosystems, thereby preserving the second most

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