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          The Age of Sustainalism:

          the new socio-economic

          growth model for an

          inclusive 21st century

          By Harry Verhaar, Head of Global Public and Government Affairs, Philips Lighting

          It is becoming ever more clear that the major global trends which are having the greatest impact
          on the world around us are not only increasingly intertwined, but are also becoming ever broader
          in their impact, affecting a greater number of regions and citizens.

          Global hunger is on the increase, for the first time in over a   factors that undermine food security and nutrition. Securing
          decade. According to the annual United Nations report on   peaceful and inclusive societies is a necessary condition to
          world food security and nutrition, this increase is primarily   that end.”
          due to climate-related shocks and the growth in the number
          of violent conflicts. The report also points to concern at   The impact of climate change has thus far been most
          the number of overweight children and obese adults, with   keenly felt by the citizens in the developing world. However,
          changes in dietary habits and economic slowdowns cited   this year’s intense and destructive hurricanes, which tore
          as some of the drivers of these trends. The authors of the   through the Caribbean and then hit the southern USA,
          report state that the world will not “end hunger and all   suggest that even the wealthiest country on the planet is not
          forms of malnutrition by 2030 unless we address all the   immune to the consequences of a changing climate.

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