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           Street lighting, LA

          However, in all these cases what can hold the development   Better lighting can also have a significant impact in schools.
          back is the initial up front cost. The cheapest individual   In a year-long trial in a French primary school, a new
          lightbulb to buy remains the incandescent bulb – yet viewed   system that allows the teacher to optimise the classroom
          over any length of time, it becomes the most expensive.  ambience found that reading speed increased by 35%,
                                                               while frequency of errors dropped by nearly 45% and
          It is also extremely limited technology. In contrast, LEDs can   hyperactive behaviour by 76%. All of these factors can
          now be embedded with sensors and intelligence so they   provide a major boost to children’s enjoyment of their
          can be connected wirelessly and managed remotely via the   school day and their ability to learn.
          internet. This connected lighting for smart buildings and
          smart cities can further boost the initial energy savings by up   The key in encouraging the adoption of this type of
          to 80%.                                              technology is delivering the message that it does not
                                                               require a sacrifice, or that we are looking at experimental
          The benefits of this connected technology can be measured in   concepts, but that the technology is already available and
          much greater terms than simple energy savings. Businesses   simply needs accelerating. This must take place through
          can enable employees to personalize their lighting and   replicating best practice, putting the right policies in place,
          temperature at their workspaces via a smartphone app, with   and communicating effectively.
          associated improvements in both productivity and employee
          well-being. In addition, building managers can receive real-  We need to convince society’s ‘eco-majority’ – those who
          time data on how the office is being used, how much space   are aware of the need to act, are willing to do so, but are
          is required, and how to optimize the space they have.   uncertain about the steps to take. Creating momentum
                                                               with this group will help embed Sustainalism as the new
          The benefits of connected lighting can be seen on a   mainstream economic model.
          city-wide scale. For instance, the City of Los Angeles has
          converted 140,000 street lights to LED and has 110,000   We need a paradigm shift – slightly revised capitalism or
          nodes connected and managed through a Philips Lighting   moderated socialism are not going to suffice. We need
          CityTouch connected street lighting management system.   Sustainalism, a new, inclusive and more equitable socio-
          Not only does this allow the city to remotely manage and   economic model of a 21st century to meet the needs of the
          monitor the lighting, acoustic sensors can be used to detect   10 billion people who in just a few decades from now will
          vehicle collisions and thus reduce the emergency response   share the single planet that we call home.
          time. Other benefits include a 21% reduction crime in areas
          where the improved lighting was introduced and a 30%
          reduction in night-time traffic accidents.

          Buenos Aires is another city that has retrofitted its street
          lighting system with connected LED lighting, creating a safer,
          more welcoming environment to improve the quality of life
          of its residents, while also saving 50% in operating costs.

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