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          10    Signify (Philips Lighting): How buildings can pave the
               way for the electrical vehicle revolution, while keeping
               global warming within the ‘Paris boundaries’

          16  Future Climate for Africa: Changing rainfall patterns
               spell risk for hydropower in Africa New research warns
               planned hydropower dams across eastern and southern
               Africa are vulnerable to drought
          18   Rolim, Viotti & Leite Campos: The RenovaBio program:
               Brazil’s public policy to achieve the Paris climate change
               agreement goals

                                    20  AKZONOBEL
                                    What are some of the
                                    most pressing challenges
                                    that we face today?

                                                                       24  NEW STEEL
                                                                       A green future for mining:
                                                                       time for change

          26  Mexichem: Project development in a sustainable world

          28  Nordea: Why engagement and participation in the practice of sustainable
               finance is so important

          Cover Image: An old coal mine shaft in Katowice, Poland has been turned into an observation tower, as part of the modern
          Silesian Museum. Photo credit: DepositPhotos/kbarzycki.
          Inside front cover Image: Photo credit: Karl Mathiesen.
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