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       Let’s finish the job the

       world demands of us

       By Patricia Espinosa

       We need to unleash the full potential of the Paris Agreement to prevent suffering and
       seize the opportunity of a low-emissions future.

       The special report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate   It’s one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced. This
       Change unequivocally states that the world is not on track to   was clearly recognized by heads of states at the recent general
       limiting global temperature rise to 1.5C, as outlined in the Paris   assembly in New York.
       Agreement - and the window to achieve this is closing rapidly.   They stressed this point as the most important threat we face
       We’re almost out of time.                            collectively as humanity. The message couldn’t be clearer.

       It’s not rhetoric, it’s reality. It’s not politics, it’s science. And it’s   But, we’re moving in the wrong direction. The International
       not a suggestion, it’s a warning: a warning that we are in danger   Energy Agency tells us that energy sector carbon emissions will
       of running out of time before runaway climate change is beyond   rise again in 2018, after hitting record levels in 2017.
       our control.
                                                            This is illogical, irresponsible and—if things don’t change—
       This is frightening for everyone. And people throughout the world   completely irreversible. That’s why Cop24 must be a success.
       have made it very clear. They expect their representatives to do
       something about it.                                  We have several goals to achieve, but one stands above all others:
                                                            finalizing the Paris Agreement work programme.
       Crucially, the report tells us that time remains to limit climate
       change. But only if we work with unprecedented speed, fulfill   We should be confident that we will be able to approve the work
       the Paris Agreement, and re-commit ourselves to the multilateral   programme. But I am worried.

       The officials responsible for coordinating the Paris Agreement work programme. Photo by IISD/Kiara Worth (

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