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TCC is delighted to announce its inaugural Climate Change
Awards, celebrating the achievements of the leading
Rbusinesses and individuals from across the green economy.
As the countdown continues to the 2015 UN conference where
a global emissions deal could be agreed, the need for private
sector leadership is stronger than ever before. The 2013 awards,
which will be presented while international climate change talks in
Warsaw are taking place, will reward green thinking in a global
economy that demands short term success.
Pelamis Marine Power. Photo: © Jumanji Solar.

Suwon City Photo: © Justin Ornellas.
• Green business of 2013
• Green city of 2013
• Green University of 2013
• Sustainable technology frm
• Electric Vehicle innovator
• Wind energy solutions provider

• Solar energy solutions provider
• Marine energy solutions provider
• Waste management frm

The awards will be

presented on Wednesday

13 November at the

Climate Change TV Studio

Armadillo T car. Photo: © Kaist.

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