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Cities and regions

How Buenos

Aires developed

An effective

climAte Action


Argentine capital outlines its innovative Climate Change Action Plan and explains how it has engaged citizens

In a world where the population has become urbanized by almost 70%, where the Based on the GHG emissions inventory, Buenos Aires set
number of megacities has grown considerably and unplanned growth of large cities the goal so as to reduce 30% of emissions below 2008
creates pollution problems, it is vital to consider a change through local initiatives. levels by 2030. Besides, taking into consideration past
That is why, Buenos Aires City Government assumes responsibility for the GHG events and future forecasts, the Government considers
emissions generated by its 3,000,000 inhabitants and nearly 3,200,000 commuters. food risk prevention and emergency response as the
main priorities.
Considering Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in Latin America, the Government
has decided to embark on a long-term effort to develop a comprehensive climate In the words of the Mayor of Buenos Aires Mauricio
change adaptation strategy and reduce its contribution to global warming. Macri: “in compliance with the objectives established at
the start of the legislative year, I would like to highlight

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