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been able to mobilize approximately US$7 from 130 countries, our adaptaton program will billion additonal middle-class
the private sector for each US1$ GEF grant. directly reduce the vulnerability of more than consumers, and 50 percent
17 million people, while helping 70 countries growth in economic output.
It is vital we contnue innovatng on the ground integrate climate risks into their policy-making
to help developing countries and private sector and planning processes. Demand for fnancing On an increasingly crowded
partners match the right types of fnancial from our two funds remains strong. planet, acton is urgently
instruments to specifc projects goals and needed to curb the drivers
objectves. how can Paris contribute to recently adopted of global environmental
sustainable development goals? degradaton.
Interestngly, we are now seeing demand for
such innovatve instruments in other climate- Paris is a huge opportunity to demonstrate Against the background of
politcal ambiton and acton on climate
relevant areas than the “traditonal” energy change. The recently adopted Sustainable unprecedented challenges
efciency and renewable energy felds. For Development Goals recognize that the health for the global environment,
example, at the last GEF Council in October, a of the global commons — the planet’s fnite our governing body, the GEF
new project was approved which will mobilize Council, has adopted the
private fnancing for land restoraton in Latn environmental resources, from land and forests GEF2020 strategy. GEF2020
to oceans and the atmosphere— is essental for
America through the provision of GEF-funded a thriving world, and provide a guide to where emphasizes the need to
guarantees or subordinated loans. support transformatonal
we will have to invest in order to transform
How important it is to invest in adaptaton? our economies and prosper within planetary change and achieve impacts
on a broader scale. The
Given that we’re already locked into climate boundaries. strategy calls for the GEF
change trajectories for many years to come, The SDGS hold the promise of a fresh start for to focus on the drivers of
adaptaton will be at the core of the new climate our planet, but if we don’t tackle climate change, environmental degradaton,
agreement. And, the internatonal community
needs to ensure fnance fows to the poorest it will be impossible to achieve these goals. and it addresses the
importance of supportng
and most impacted countries. What role can the GEF play in protectng broad coalitons of commited
the planet?
At the GEF, we have a strong track record to Today we all stand at a defning moment for stakeholders and innovatve
build upon, and a valuable set of experience the future of humankind. We have already and scalable actvites.
that can help provide guidance going forward. reached or exceeded the carrying capacity of Rooted in our role as a
With nearly US$1.3 billion in funding approvals several of the earth’s ecosystems. The next ten fnancial mechanism for the
from our two dedicated adaptaton funds--the years will likely see another 700 million people Rio Conventons and other
Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) and the added to the world populaton, more than one multlateral environmental
Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF)—in nearly

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