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green mortgage of green housing schemes through the The increasing trends in
The success of such programmes relies on the ECOCASA program. populaton growth and
collaboraton of other important insttutons urbanizaton, combined with
which are part of the sector. INFONAVIT It consists on grantng concessional credits for fnancial incentves that result
(Insttuto del Fondo Nacional de la Vivienda the constructon of energy efcient housing in urban sprawl are increasing
as well as transforming the housing market in
para los Trabajadores) is the Natonal Mortgage the pressure on municipal
Insttuton for Workers and the implementer of México by integratng technologies that reduce governments to deliver
the ¨Green Mortgage¨. at least 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions efectve and efcient public
from the conventonal housing setup. services.
This scheme allows the benefciaries of The program seeks to transform the social
INFONAVIT mortgage to include energy Without additonal acton,
efcient and water saving technologies in their housing sector of México, aligned with the as many as 5-10 million new
homes under a cost-efectve soluton. Costs natonal objectves regarding Climate Change, homes will be constructed
are absorbed throughout the duraton of the to provide fnancial incentves and technical in México over the coming
assistance to housing developers.
credit, and generate signifcant savings for the decade, resultng in more
household in terms of water, electricity, gas and new strategy than 70 million tons of GHG
hence lower costs and expenses. At present, México is also pursuing aggressive emissions by 2020.
acton to prevent greenhouse gas (GHG)
SHF (Sociedad Hipótecaria Federal), known as emissions growth through sustainable economic For this reason, SEDATU is
the Federal Mortgage Society, is also a crucial working towards the creaton
insttuton for the design and implementaton development. of the Urban Natonally

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