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Costa dei Trabocchi.

The implementaton of the initatve has been really
successful in the Abruzzo territory as the following Regione Abruzzo, Dipartmento Opere Pubbliche, Governo del
results have been obtained: 60% of the electricity Territorio e Politche Ambientali - Servizio Politca Energetca,
consumed in 2013 was produced from renewable qualità dell’aria, SINA
sources and 71% of electricity produced comes from
renewable sources. Regione Abruzzo is a public authority with administratve and
legislatve competence, setled by the Italian Consttuton, in all
Regional communicaton felds. The Region is partcularly commited to the environment
The need to share the local achievements and the and sustainable development, renewable energy, climate change,
linear energy and electrical networks with other management of natural resources and waste.
countries, as well as the need to organize joint
infrastructure networks which take into account the
needs of diferent territories through a mult-level
governance, are refected in the Adriatc and Ionian
This strategy is the extension of the local mult-
level governance to several territories through the
connecton of all infrastructures and energy networks
which are necessary not only for each single territory,
but for the whole system.
The Adriatc and Ionian Region, home to more than
70 million people, is a territory that stretches along
the Adriatc and Ionian basin covering eight countries:
four EU Member States (Croata, Greece, Italy,
Slovenia) and four non-EU countries (Albania, Bosnia
and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia).
The Macro-regional approach is an innovatve
mode of territorial cooperaton among regions and
natons, with balanced and sustainable development
as a shared goal. The base of its philosophy is that
common challenges and opportunites can beter
be faced through multlevel and more focused Adriatc and Ionian Macro-Region
cooperaton. © EuroGeorgaphics Associaton for the administratve boundaries. 57
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