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In 2013 México’s President Enrique Peña Nieto announced the creaton of the Ministry of Agrarian Territorial and
Urban Development (Secretaría de Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano, SEDATU).

This new federal insttuton was established
as the head of the sector and the lead of
the Natonal Urban and Housing Policy.
This structural reform is a key measure to
counteract the efects of the scatered and
low density development in México, as
well as inadequate territorial policies from
previous decades.
The insttutonal purpose of SEDATU aims
for optmal use of the natonal territory,
in order to enhance productvity, allowing
social inclusion and a holistc approach
to sustainable development in human
In order to fulfl these goals SEDATU, as
the head of urban and housing, stretches
coordinaton with the three levels of
government as well as across public
insttutons. It also works alongside with the
Natonal Housing Commission (Comisión
Nacional de Vivienda, CONAVI) which is a
decentralized insttuton and technical arm of
SEDATU in charge of the housing agenda.
CONAVI is also responsible for two key
strategies that the Mexican Government is
promotng towards sustainable development:
NAMA for New Sustainable Housing and
NAMA for Sustainable Housing Retroftng.
Both initatves add to the natonal
contributons towards mitgaton and
adaptaton of climate change from the built
environment feld. 59
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