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ecoFrotas: brazil’s

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A Brazilian leader company in feet management has generated the world’s frst carbon credits for the use of
ethanol and developed a program that allows its clients to go green and cut costs.

The ethanol produced from sugarcane is an Sustainable feet
unquestonable source of wealth for the country. The company has developed the Sustainable ecofrotas is the brazilian
Fleet program which, based on measurable leader in feet management,
In additon to generatng income in agriculture, performance indicators, allows for the contnuous
its use replacing fossil fuels reduces the improvement of the feet management process. focusing on reducing
environmental impact on the transportaton environmental costs, risks
industry, because the burning of biofuel is This project aims at making the evoluton of and impact. Voted the
considered as neutral in terms of greenhouse the sustainable feet management process most sustainable company
gas emissions. a possibility. The indicators include feet in the sector, it manages
policy, state of the technology used, vehicle 860,000 vehicles from 14,700
This aspect is partcularly important because in maintenance, pollutants emission (including
recent years the transportaton industry has had greenhouse gases), safety and driver training, customers and has more
the highest growth rates in energy consumpton among others. than 17,000 gas statons and
– currently it is responsible for 27% of the 15,000 accredited workshops
country’s consumpton matrix, according to the The frst stage of the process, is about mapping in Brazil.
Center for Sustainability Studies at Fundação the feet status, atributng scores to each of the
Getulio Vargas. Furthermore, the Brazilian CO2 indicators that are being considered. Aferwards,
emissions refect this development. we identfy opportunites for improvement evoluton of the process. Thus,
and defne an acton plan indicatng what the company can check which
In this scenario, initatves that boost the use of needs to be done so that the feet achieves the vehicles need atenton and
ethanol by feets are extremely important when sustainability standards that are considered compare whether they are more
we consider the need to achieve a low-carbon optmal for the category. or less efcient than the average
economy. Thus, biofuels are a crucial part of the compettor.
sustainable management strategy at Ecofrotas, The last stage includes the implementaton of
market leader in Brazil for feet management. these improvements. Once the cycle is fnished, Greening innovaton
there is reassessment, which allows for the Ecofrotas spent three years
developing the frst methodology in
the world dealing specifcally with
generaton of carbon credit in the
transportaton segment. In 2012,
the methodology was approved by
Verifed Carbon Standards (VCS).
These and other initatves stem from
the assumpton that sustainability
is not an impediment or an obstacle
to be overcome, but rather an ally,
considering the opportunites we
have with biofuels in Brazil.
And this is all done with the
perspectve that the acton can
encourage other companies to
look for alternatves to reduce
emissions involving their customer
chain, contributng to create a more
sustainable society. 81
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