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of projects and programs compete for limited between objectves discussed
funding it is a essental to develop business cases at high level meetngs and
based on a “win – win” scenario and “unique projects and programs that
selling positons”. The chart shows the impact deliver on the promises
of the OGE&EE Program on net oil producton made. Various programs and
in Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE) on a country mechanisms on internatonal
level. The orange line shows the amount of and regional scale (stll)
BOE required as fuel to power the oil industry have not delivered leaving
without the OGE&EE Program and the green line it purely up to Ecuador and
the BOE/ day required as fuel as a result of the Petroamazonas EP to “walk
Energy Efciency Program. the talk”.

By interconnectng the future integrated Given the urgency to reduce
electric system of the oil industry to the emissions, implement
natonal grid it frees the way to “transform sustainable solutons, creatng
water into oil” by optmizing excess hydro “win – win” scenarios, etc. it is
power during “of-peak” hours. essental to implement funding
structures allowing to transiton
The OGE&EE Program proves that increasing from high level non-binding
oil reserves is not only achieved by means
of exploraton but also by means of energy commitments to technically
and economically viable
efciency (the OGE&EE Program translates into solutons. This will require
increasing the net oil output by as much as strong top down commitments,
30,000 BOE/day or > 200,000,000 bbl. reserve local competence and integrity
over a 20 year period). Heat and Power Generaton Plant, Eden Producton Facilites EPF, Block 12.
with hands on tools (including
Unfortunately emissions reducton initatves funding) helping programs like
in the oil industry are now faced with the next OGE&EE weather storms any
signifcant hurdle, namely, it is one thing to project will face over a 8 – 10
redirect funds within the oil industry from year implementaton period.
traditonal oil exploraton and producton to
“energy efciency” programs with crude oil
prices hovering in the range of 80 to 100 $/bbl.
and something completely diferent with oil
prices at levels as it seen them today. It is during
these tmes that bridges need to be put in place

Power Control Room, Eden Producton Facilites EPF, Block 12.

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