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in and out of the storage by way of fuid within heat exchangers.
There is in practce almost no limit to the number of storage cycles energynest as (previously nest as) delivers
that can be sustained. a breakthrough energy storage technology that
is fully scalable and cost efcient and that can be
Conceptually EnergyNest’s TES is based on a smart “Lego system”
design where “thermal bateries” are clustered together in built anywhere. The technology is based on use
prefabricated cassetes; these are stacked together in a very of readily available earth materials and has wide
compact way inside a simple storage structure. Alternatvely, if applicatons within storage of renewable as well as
desired the storage may be placed underground. The size and conventonal energy; it can also make traditonal
dimensions of a storage unit is completely fexible and may be built power producton and transmission systems more
for purpose; the capacity may typically vary from 10 MWh to several efcient and reliable.

Figure 2:
Diagrams for
diferent types
of applicatons
with EnergyNest

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