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       aaib: leading




                                                                                  AAIB in brief
       Half a Century of corporate, investment and treasury services              Established by Special Law
       in Egypt and the Middle East region, Arab African International            as a Joint Venture between
       Bank (AAIB) acquired the maturity and insight to realize the               the Central Bank of Egypt
       prerogatives and true meaning of growth. As early as 2003,                 (CBE) and Kuwait Investment
       AAIB embraced an aggressive growth strategy which instantly                Authority (KIA) - each party
                                                                                  holding a 49.37% stake,
       found expression in material and non-material terms. It                    AAIB was incorporated in
       was only then that the Bank realized that growth is not only               1964 as Egypt’s first Arab
       expressed in numbers but should be expressed in a moral                    multinational Bank.
       mission towards the society. This philosophy of growth sparked             u  No. of branches: 82
       a journey that gradually weaved environmental, social and                  u  No. of employees: 2,000
       governance concerns into the realm of finance. From conceiving             u   Regional presence: Dubai,
       strategic philanthropy, to integrating ESG into business to                   Abu Dhabi & Beirut
       starting an industry move in Egypt towards sustainable finance,            u   Subsidiaries: AAIH,
       AAIB has set the momentum and dynamism to trigger s a new                     AAIM, AAIS, AAIMF, AAIL
       age of finance.                                                  

       AAIB …A trendsetter towards sustainable finance in Egypt and the Middle East
       With a history of solid banking tradition since its establishment, AAIB succeeded to position   AAIB Awards & Recognition in
       itself as Egypt’s fastest growing bank in terms of size and profitability, with a compounded   CSR & Sustainability:
       average growth rate for deposit and loan portfolios that has consistently outperformed market
       norms. These growth rates substantiated AAIB’s vision: To be the leading Financial Group in   u  2016 - Best Bank in CSR in
       Egypt, providing innovative services with a strong regional presence and establishing itself as   the Middle East, Euromoney
       the gateway for international business into the region.                      (Dubai)
                                                                                 u  2014 - Golden Shield for Best
       Our concept of “Value Creation” to all stakeholders was conceived as early as 2006 and
       has continued to be a key organizing concept guiding the bank as it pursued its growth   CSR, Arab Organisation for
       strategy. This concept remained an expression of the bank’s proprietary understanding of   Social Responsibility, (Dubai)
       the philosophy of balanced growth. The years testified the soundness of the notion. As AAIB   u  2014 - Best Green Bank in
       continued to add value to the society and the environment, AAIB has remained a fast growing   Egypt, CFI (London)
       financial institution and achieved a track record of performance with renowned returns on
       shareholders’ equity.                                                     u  2010 - Arabia CSR Network,
       AAIB’s experience in embracing sustainability materialized into a series of pioneering initiatives
       beyond the mainstream that gradually succeeded to set a trend in the financial sector in   u  2010-2016, Best Practice,
       Egypt. The journey originated in 2003 and unfolded across three key stages: Stage (1) Strategic   Global Compact
       Philanthropy towards the community (2) ESG Integration into core business operations and   International Yearbook
       sustainability reporting, and Stage (3) Policy Advocacy & Industry Movement.   annual publication

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