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           When considering Sustainability both economic and
           environmental factors have to be taken into account. One
           of the biggest factors responsible for adding to climate
           change is the built-in obsolescence in so many products.
           Street light poles are a functional and essential piece
           of road infrastructure not a fashion item it is therefore
           imperative that they be manufactured to last.

           There is a heavy economic cost and environmental cost
           to re-manufacturing, removing and replacing a steel
           streetlight pole every 20 -25 years. A single purchase
           of an extruded aluminium pole will last 100 years. The
           maintenance cost of painting and repainting regularly
           such poles would cover the cost of buying streets of
           new and multifunctional aluminum poles requiring no
           maintenance or replacement.
           It is estimated that 20 million poles are replaced annually
           in the USA alone. Governments must be proactive
           and legislate for products that will outlive even future
           generations. Aluminum will do this and even then is fully
           recyclable into new products. Why stop there? Innovation
           equals evolution. The inherent properties of extruded
           aluminium allow for innovations not possible with steel
           poles. MSI’s innovative aluminium street light pole acts
           as vertical real estate that allows the housing of all street
           infrastructure on the one pole.

           In addition to street and sidewalk lights it is capable of
           housing traffic lights, street signs, digital advertising,
           parking metres, electric charging stations G4 Lan
           microcell technology bicycle racks, trash bins and much
           more. Thus reducing the number of poles and street signs
           in the streetscape. This not only reduces street clutter,
           visual pollution but also limits the number of crash
           hazards for vehicles.
           The Second of the two goals we at MSI were already
           engaged in for a number of years before the Paris summit
           is partnerships between corporations.
           Co-operation versus Competition
           Women’s rights activist Margaret Fuller wrote, “If you have
           knowledge let others light their candles in it”.
           So it is with Metrosmart International. We practiced
           what we preached by collaborating with a like -minded
           company such as SAPA Pole Products, the biggest
           Aluminum manufacturing company in the world, to
           manufacture our multifunctional aluminum anodized
           street light poles in their plant in the Netherlands.
           Simultaneously we promoted their specialist solar pole
           the Flexsol Soluxio pole in the Middle East where we are
           based in the UAE and Qatar.

           In addition the four year co-operation between MSI and
           the Qatar Foundation has resulted in innovative designs
           and materials for street light poles which have a long life                 Aluminum pole with LED lights, Morocco.
           cycle, are both functional and beautiful. Innovative design,

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