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the outlook

for water

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Mexico has set many game-changing targets, such as achieving
100% wastewater treatment by 2030. The biggest challenge
Mexico faces is meeting this goal while avoiding adverse
environmental effects and an increased carbon footprint

Mexico, as the fourteenth largest economy in the world, plays a key role in global
policy development on climate change. Since 2006, Mexico has been frmly
committed to implementing sustainable practices that mitigate the effects of climate
change, and has shown that commitment by setting aggressive goals for 2030.
The country is working to strengthen its regulatory framework and infrastructure to
tackle this problem, and has set a target of treating 100% of all wastewater by 2030.
This goal represents a sharp increase from what is currently achieved, where only
47.5% of sewage is treated in more than 2,200 treatment plants.
Despite the obvious benefts of meeting this target, the
increased volumes of treated water present us with
the paradoxical challenge of fnding the right solutions
to mitigate the adverse effects upon the environment
and associated carbon footprint growth caused by a
proportional increase in power consumption, sludge
production and GHG emissions. In a nutshell, this
commitment means treating an additional 104 billion cubic
meters, which would require 68 thousand GW of energy.

In this regard, Mexico’s Ministry of the Environment and
Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) has recently published
the National Climate Change Strategy, which assumes
huge investments in new infrastructure built around
cutting-edge technologies for wastewater treatment,
consolidated management of solid waste and the
harnessing of renewable energy.
Vert Energy was set up with the objective of making the
best technologies available to Mexican municipalities
and companies demanding a range of water treatment
solutions. Vert Energy offers proven technology platform
that reduces energy usage and operating costs incurred
by water utilities while also producing a positive effect
upon the environment. Using our proprietary wastewater
treatment technology, we can reduce residence time
and volume by up to 60% compared with biological
treatment, resulting in smaller facilities and faster
treatment. We design, build and operate WWTPs with
lower investment and operating costs that guarantee
savings for our customers.
Vert Energy

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