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Coal economics from biomass?

Coal: a million years of energy in a convenient
package. It is cheap, it is abundant, it is easy to use, it
is dirty.

Coal is compelling, but it comes at an environmental
cost, with CO emissions from coal growing faster
than any other fuel .
Convent onal solut ons to decarbonisat on involve
massive spending on carbon sequestrat on or
conversion to biomass fuels at high cost. Drax,
Europe’s largest coal power stat on, is in the process
of spending $1.2 bn just to be able to burn wood
pellets .

What if the conversion to biomass came at no capital
cost? What if the fuel itself were no more costly than
current biomass fuels?

We could save money and the environment.

River Basin Energy’s bio-coal fuels do just that.

For more informat on contact us:

(1) “CO2 Emissions From Fuel Combusion”, IEA, 2013.
(2) “Drax begins £700m conversion to wood pellets”, Financial Times.

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