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These products are also useful in reducing the burden on We are currently considering our long-term policy in the run-up to 2020 and are
the engine and recovering and reusing kinetic energy. undertaking repeated discussions that also encompass Group associates.

On a different front, in 2011 DENSO and home builders Each and every Group associate aims to sincerely respond to the expectations of
jointly developed a home energy management system our customers, suppliers, shareholders and local communities and to be told by
(HEMS)*, which applies the technologies cultivated by numerous stakeholders, “If it’s DENSO, we have a sense of reassurance.”
DENSO in automobiles for the effcient integrated control
of energy in people’s home living environments. Moreover, if all associates feel a strong sense of trust and take pride in working at
DENSO we can truly be a company that is indispensable to society.
As energy conservation becomes increasingly important
worldwide, the development of systems that link In the future as well, we will aim to be a trustworthy company in harmony with society
technologies from automobiles and houses will likely and move toward the realization of a society in which people and cars ideally coexist.
serve as a major step for creating a sustainable society.
* This system performs coordinated control of household
EcoCute systems, storage batteries and solar power
generation systems with plug-in hybrid cars and electric
vehicles for effcient power generation, recharging and
energy usage.

Trusted by stakeholders
We strive to be trusted by stakeholders as well as the
communities where DENSO undertakes its business

Home Energy Management system (HEMS) consists of a control unit and a 7-inch touch panel monitor, installed inside the
house. The monitor shows real-time power consumption, helping to remind users to turn off appliances when they are not in
use, which also helps them better manage electricity. The monitor can also show electricity consumption in terms of cost and
the amount of CO2 emissions that are emitted, as well as historical data, which helps encourage users to be more aware of
saving energy. Additionally, the system prevents the circuit breaker from tripping when there is a high electric load. 79
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