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Anecdotal evidence indicates that many eco projects are It is time for an international initiative to fund the projects that are ready to go, with
foundering on the rocks of slow and ineffcient climate technology that has already been developed. Why continue to try to ft sustainable
fnance. technology projects to inadequate guidelines that can be politically exploited or easily
corrupted? The approach has to be to ft governance from appropriate professional
“We develop long term sustainable reforestation programs scrutiny directly to the projects.
in conjunction with agro and eco livelihood programs for
local people to ensure long term protection. We are fnding Funding channels and instruments can be applied to fund local eco-projects and
that limited fnancial support, diffcult access to donor innovative technology.
agencies, and time lag between application and approval/
rejection prevents implementation” - Indonesian Rainforest Automated approvals process
Foundation. Automated decision-making allied with professional evaluation, can provide simple
pathways for approval to mobilise climate fnance. Online workfows can be backed up
It is not only habitat that has been sacrifced on the altar by specialist knowledge, experience, case studies and skill sets to enormously speed up
of fnancial gain, investors have been loath to fund GHG climate fnance delivery.
reducing research and technology. For example, market-
ready renewable energy, bio-composite materials to A common search taxonomy can ensure that scientifc and economic analysis can be
replace plastics, carbon sequestering agribusiness, energy recorded and made accessible to get the right information to the right people at the right
effcient construction technologies have been unable to time in support of climate funding approvals processes.
gain funding.
Simple intuitive interfaces can facilitate the uploading of project data, photos and text,
New pathways are required and lightweight governance subsequently linked to geospatial and scientifc information, analysis and other data.
mechanisms for mobilising climate fnance to accelerate
greenhouse gas emissions reduction. A web submissions process can enable real-time feedback for rapid clarifcation of
information, ensuring that project approvers gain a real sense of the value of a project
Micro and direct fnance can provide a kick start to climate to the local community and economy, as well as a reasonably accurate estimate of the
mitigation projects and technology innovation. associated emissions reduction.

Greenwashing has to be curbed. It is imperative to provide Cloud hosted reporting by project, ecology, climate systems, as well as spatial location,
robust processes engaging relevant climate professional can provide insight into emissions reduction measures, local ecologies and micro
organisations and individuals, to ensure that money is climates.
effectively spent.
Climate fnance and scientifc expertise can engage in capacity building and transfer
The pooling of knowledge and experience about climate of technology, ensuring that existing information can be shared to enable accurate
fnance and science can expedite emissions reductions, assessments of climate change risk to human habitat.
by making fnance accessible to small projects in
both developing and developed countries. Climate Technology can place a real value on the natural environment
change does not respect borders, and urgent action to the global economy.
and resources, is required for projects in every corner
of the globe. The expertise, technology, people and Trac Car
organisations are already in place.

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