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Tobago by providing technical support for a
“feed-in tarif tool kit” as well as selectng
Trinidad and Tobago as the only island for
their video essay ‘FIT for Change’ on display
during this Assembly. This is a signifcant
achievement by one of the world’s largest
LNG exporters.
Efcient lightng
Prime minister Persad-Bissessar SC also made
menton of the Lightbulb Exchange Initatve.
The “Cleaner Energy Initatve of the Year,
Internatonal” Petroleum Economist Award-
winning Pilot Lightbulb Exchange Initatve
is an ongoing actvity at the energy ministry
and is evidence that small changes to energy
usage can have a big diference for the
environment. The programme is focused
on low-income rural areas and is contnuing An employee of the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission demonstrates their grid-ted Solar PV system.
with preliminary results showing that
consumers are reducing energy consumpton Tobago Electricity Commission’s (TTEC) grid constructon and the practces employed on a
and reducing electricity bills by simple yet and is 100% powered by solar power. day to day basis to save energy.
efectve changes to daily routnes.
It is the second of its kind in the entre “In Trinidad and Tobago we have the
Educaton and awareness campaigns Caribbean region, with the frst built human capacity for innovaton, tolerance
contnue to be a natonal priority partcularly in Barbados. The home is an initatve for newer ideas and a vision to achieve
focused on energy efciency and renewable pioneered by the energy ministry with the excellence in all spheres of human
energy to empower citzens via a highly aim to bring greater awareness to renewable endeavours,” said the prime minister
stylized and extremely successful natonal energy and the benefts of using various recently. The mentoned measures
energy communicaton campaign (www. energy conservaton technologies for undertaken to mitgate climate change and to maintain good energy- enhanced energy efciency. implement renewable technologies show
efcient choices as part of their daily lives. that we indeed have just that.
Visitors to the house can see how renewable
Low emission homes energy can be used to fuel their everyday Ministry of energy and
In July 2015, Trinidad & Tobago launched lives and also what a fully energy efcient Energy Afairs, Trinidad
the country’s very frst fully solar-powered, house looks like in terms of the way it is built, and tobago
100% energy efcient home for viewing. This the appliances used, the materials used in its
house uses no energy from the Trinidad and

A view of the frst 100% Solar-Powered home in Trinidad & Tobago. 55
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