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italiaN leadership:

abruzzo stYle

Regione Abruzzo has been working hard over recent years to develop a mult-level
governance model to boost growth and environmental protecton.

This aims to achieve the 2030 EU climate and Regional governments play a vital role as
energy package objectves of 40% greenhouse bodies aware of the diferent needs and
gas cuts on 1990 levels by 2030, through the approaches at local levels. This mult-level Teramo
involvement of local and regional authorites. governance requires investment from regions,
Using its experience implementng low carbon provinces and municipalites.
policies the government has extended this Pescara
model to a wider area: the Adriatc and Ionian The Covenant of Mayors is an outstanding
Macro-Region. model of mult-level governance and a tool
of great potental. In order to translate their L'Aquila Chieti
Regione Abruzzo is convinced that local politcal commitment into concrete measures
governments can play a decisive role in the and projects, all 305 Municipalites and
mitgaton of the efects of climate change, the 4 Provinces of Abruzzo have joined the
especially if we consider that 80% of energy Covenant.
consumpton and CO2 emissions is associated Abruzzo ‘s 4 provinces.
with urban actvites. They have provided a Baseline Emission
Inventory (BEI) of their territories and have
grassroots emphasis commited to submit, implement and monitor
For this reason there is a need for a “botom a “Plan of Acton for the Sustainable Energy”
up” strategy, with leadership from individuals (SEAP) in which the actons that they intend
and communites to achieve a strong, practcal to take to achieve the general objectves laid
impact in the fght against climate change. down in the Covenant of Mayors are outlined.

Torre del Cerrano.

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