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Climate innovaton
As such, the Adriatc and Ionian Marco-
region represents a new governance level
located between the naton state and the
supranatonal community.
It involves local, regional, natonal and
community levels in a transnatonal and
interlinked geographic scale in which
diverse visions and interests interact
with efects inside the European Union,
between member states, regions and cites
belonging to the same spatal scale, and
also outside the EU, with accession and
neighboring countries.
For all these reasons, by exportng its
successful multlevel governance model
to the Adriatc and Ionian region Regione
Abruzzo has extended the benefts that were
obtained on its own territory to a much
wider area also creatng a best practce
example that is replicable across Europe.

Eremo di S. Onofrio.

Lago di Barrea.

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