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Scholars from Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and leading evangelicals explain why the environment maters to them.

by Megan darby

For Christanity, Islam and Judaism, it is care for divine creaton. In Yet for the thoughtul religious practtoner, the lengthy chapter
Hinduism, there is Rta – the principle of natural order. on the gospel of creaton is at least as important as the policy
Every religion has its traditons of protectng the environment. The
degree to which they are observed varies, as faith rubs up against It is these ruminatons on God’s love that could strike a chord with
economic and politcal realites. believers not previously atuned to environmental concerns.
June’s encyclical, or leter from Pope Francis to his fock, has been And it is not exclusive to Catholics but addressed to “all people living
widely hailed for its urgent call to acton on climate change. on this planet”. So how is it going down with Muslims, Jews, Hindus
and other segments of Christanity?
Coming months before countries aim to strike a deal in Paris, it was
an undeniably powerful interventon.

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