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Appropriate Mitgaton Acton (Urban NAMA). Mexican Government which aim to change the
The strategy seeks to directly address growing paradigms of the existng urban and housing the Ministry of agrarian,
GHG emissions by expanding the operatonal policies, and lead the way towards sustainable territorial and urban
and fnancial scope of both housing NAMAs to development as well as an environmentally development (sedatu) is
cover the full range of community development responsible approach of the built environment. an insttuton of the Federal
including building envelope, water delivery, México is a predominantly urbanized country. Public Administraton
sewage, public lightng and municipal solid It is crucial to strengthen and increase the which purpose is planning,
current measures to take on the challenges coordinatng, managing,
technical guidance of the urban context as an opportunity for creatng and executng
The Urban NAMA achieves these objectves by transformaton of human setlements into places public policies of territorial
atractng carbon fnance through a supportng of welfare and prosperity but also able to grow management. It also aims
Monitoring, Reportng, and Verifcaton (MRV) and coexist with the natural environment.
framework that enables performance based to ensure dignifed housing,
payments and the potental creaton of carbon promotng adequate urban
credits. and rural development and
providing legal certainty
The Urban NAMA leverages revenue streams to to the agrarian centres,
access additonal commercial and development
fnance to deploy naton-wide sustainable improving the quality of life
investments. Furthermore, the NAMA creates for the Mexican populaton,
and provides technical guidance and training to preventng setlements in
ensure that sustainable technologies achieve high risk areas and providing
their full potental. immediate atenton to
These are some of the actons promoted by the natural disaster situatons. 61
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