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exportadora de sal is one of the
main salt producers and suppliers
for chlor-alkali industry in the Pacifc
rim, and also in the road de-icing,
water sofening and food industry salt
market in North America.
it is located in guerrero negro, baja
California Sur, Mexico. It is the world’s
largest salt feld, with an actual
yearly shipments of 9.5 million metric
tonnes, and a loading berth located at
Cedros island, baja California, Mexico,
that can accommodate ships of up to
180,000 DWT.
the company is a Joint venture
between Mexican government
Fideicomiso de Fomento Minero and
Mitsubishi Corporaton.

diverse ecosystems (NASA) scientsts, the oxygen producton of ESSA is one of the main salt
Within 6,000 hectares of the concentraton one hectare of these microbial mats, equals producers and suppliers for
ponds, in additon to the presence of several the produced by an hectare of a mature forest. chlor-alkali industry in the
species of birds, live protozoa, insects, the brine That is, microbial mats at ESSA’s solar salt Pacifc Rim, and also in the
shrimp Artemia and microbial mats. These producton ponds not only sequester CO2, but road de-icing, water sofening
microbial mats are macroscopic arrangements of release oxygen to the atmosphere. and food industry salt market
abundant species of microorganisms. Microbial Market share in North America. This year
components of the mats have an important The company has developed an aggressive we achieved the organic
ecological role, not only as primary producers, investment program focused on solving certfcaton for our product
nitrogen fxers, but also as sediment stabilisers. aafnd we are about to get
They also sequester carbon dioxide, the world’s operaton issues and increasing our product the pharmaceutcal grade
most prolifc greenhouse gas. quality, whilst reducing costs, in order to certfcaton. ESSA has also
consolidate and increase our market share.
Recent research has revealed that the microbial Because of this, in 2014 we will be achieving our developed an opton for
the utlizaton of the main
mats themselves host greater diversity than goal and new record producton and sales of 9.5 solar salt producton process
any other known environment on Earth and million metric tonnes. byproduct: biter brine; in
that, according to American space agency

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