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this way, we advance in the pursue of a “zero ESSA is looking to the future, working Exportadora de Sal… 60 years
waste” producton process. everyday for a beter world to leave for future operatng with respect and
generatons. Our salt deliveries are made in harmony with nature, for
Green growth by maritme transportaton, to reduce the generatons to come.
60 years of uninterrupted operaton has proven carbon footprint of salt deliveries over land. In
that economic development is feasible without order to reduce our carbon footprint, we had
damaging the environment. ESSA’s operaton implemented a project to increase quality and
takes place within Mexico’s largest natural
protected area, the “El Vizcaino” biosphere producton capacity through a low combustble
consumpton optmizaton process.
reserve, and world heritage site “Whale
Sanctuary of El Vizcaino”. ESSA has proven to be Through an oxygen generator-CO2 sequestering
a strong partner on environmental conservaton, process, low consumpton of fossil combustbles
working with authorites and NGOs, supportng and efcient logistcs, ESSA not only hits its
grey whale, sea turtles, pronghorn antelopes, environmental targets, but works towards a
golden eagles, white sharks, birds and many beter and clean environment, proving once
others conservaton projects. again the viability of technology and nature
working together for a beter world.

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